The restaurant concept aims to bring together carnivores and vegetarians. Menu sections are named for the two parts of the restaurant’s name. The bounty changes frequently with the seasons; beast dishes, as well as some more casual items like ramen and pizzas, are more evergreen.

Beast and Bounty is thus part of a recent and welcome wave of restaurants that treat vegetables seriously. Its most obvious analogue among recent openings is Canon, with which it has certain commonalities: a strong aesthetic sense, a pan-global approach to flavor and a willingness to break with conventional notions of coursing and portion size.

In a comparison between the two, Canon skews more formal, whereas Beast and Bounty feels a little more loose in spirit and approach. Beast and Bounty has communal tables, wild variations in portion size and share plates, and an ambitious, freewheeling approach to flavor and texture that comes straight from MacDonald.

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